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D2W Conference

In about 2 weeks just over a week, I’ll be visiting Kansas City for the first time, to present a couple sessions on Adobe Fireworks workflow and – even more important – hook up with many friends in the web design community at the D2W conference. This is D2W’s second year and by all accounts it’s going to be great. The range of high profile presenters, the incredibly affordable conference price and the networking opportunities make this an event not to be missed by anyone in this industry.

I’m looking forward to co-presenting with my good friend Tom Green as we walk through the workflow process used to create an interactive application based on our camping trips near Lake Superior. We’ll go from site map to wireframe to storyboards to prototyping and finally a sample of the interactive application.

Update: Tom and I have been promoted to GENERAL SESSION status! W00t! Next we’ll be touring the country as the Tom and Jim Roadshow.

My own session will be focused on using Fireworks for mobile design and development. In my opinion, Adobe Fireworks is still the top dog for producing screen-based graphics, be they for desktop, web or mobile applications. It’s easy to learn but deceptively powerful. And it can save you time (something we all need more of in this day and age).

If you’re considering the event but haven’t bought your ticket yet, hit me up for a speaker discount code. I’ll be happy to oblige!

I hope to see you there.

Speaker badge for D2W conference

D2W Conference

D2W is a designer/developer mobile workflow conference, it’s goal being to improve communication and share workflow ideas between designers and application developers. Now in it’s second year, it’s definitely gaining in popularity and has attracted a great range of presenters, including yours truly.

If you book the conference before April 1, 2011, you’ll receive a $95 Early Bird discount on conference registration.That’s right, until April 1, the conference fee is only $200! After April 1, the registration fee increases to $295 (still a great deal), so you’re saving practically 30% by confirming by the end of March.

And if you’re looking for more in-depth sessions, D2W has them as well:

These hands-on sessions will run on Thursday July 14 as a pre-cursor to the conference, which begins on Friday. What a great way to whet the digital appetite!

So if you’re a digital professional and you’re hankering for a fantastic way to network and learn at the same time, reserve yourself a spot at D2W this July.

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