It’s been a while since I last posted here. It’s been a very busy time for me here at Adobe, with a lot of travel across the country. However, this weekend marked my 3-year anniversary as an Adobe employee. And I just gotta say . . .


Wow. It’s hard to believe I’ve been working in this role for three whole years! And I can safely say, after 3 years, that I still LOVE my job. This role continues to present ways for me to grow professionally and personally. I find that very exciting. And it’s a huge statement, coming from me, as I can be a little jaded when it comes to corporate culture, team-building and the like.

Growing as a person and as a professional

Even just from a knowledge perspective, I’ve grown; I actively used a much larger variety of Adobe tools than ever before in my professional life as either a teacher, photographer or web designer.

But it’s more than that. While I have always been able to speak in front of groups, those groups were usually students, and sometimes peers. In this role, I am interacting with a variety of people, from IT, to faculty, to support staff and administrators, not to mention my esteemed peers within Adobe.

I’ve seen myself grow from someone who merely listened and took a more passive role in meetings, to an individual who still listens, but also speaks up, sharing information, opinions and best practices. My self-confidence has improved significantly.

I didn’t do this all on my own, I’ll happily admit. Support from family, close friends and the amazing team of people I work with, have all contributed heavily to this development. I owe many people a debt of thanks.

Things I miss

I was asked this past weekend, while attending the Canadian Conference of Photo Educators (CCOPE), if I miss teaching. And I won’t lie – I do.  Seeing the light appear above a student’s head when they truly comprehend something, or the magic in their creation of something new where I found myself asking them “How did you DO that?”. That stuff is irreplaceable.

However, interaction with faculty from all over Canada in both K12 and Higher Ed, and my ability to share knowledge with them, softens that ache to a good degree. And keeps me on my toes, too!

Looking forward to the next day

2014-03-23 21.23.37

Hard work pays off. I was pleased to received my third Sales Achievement Award earlier this year, recognizing my effort and the contributions I made towards Adobe’s success.

I find this role, even after three years, challenging and exciting and even fun. I like my holidays as much as the next person, don’t get me wrong, but I really enjoy my work day 9/10 times. And those times I don’t, usually involve a travel snafu of some sort.

My manager recently asked me to interview a potential new SC for our team. That in itself was flattering enough, but as I spoke to this person, I saw not just the guy three years ago, who was anxious, nervous, overwhelmed by all the new responsibilities and knowledge he had to acquire, but also this new version of me, who had persevered, trained, and made the effort to take ownership of this role.  I heard the enthusiasm in my voice as I talked about my own experiences and the expectations of the job. And I realized in one crystalline moment, how much I loved this role.

I continue to be amazed by my colleagues as well. Be it the sales team I support, or my direct peers in the Solutions Consultant organization, these people are dedicated to education, and I am constantly energized by their hard work and creativity. I am very fortunate to work with these people.

So while I do miss teaching, I’m very happy with the decision I made three years ago. And based on still being at Adobe. I think they’re pretty happy with the choice, too!


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