A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about updating my Twitter home page background. I discussed the steps in general, but the more I wrote, the more I realized this topic would make a really good tutorial.

So over a few days, I rebuilt my page again and wrote the piece, which is now live on Commmunity MX.

It’s a biggie, and follows my workflow from start to finish (Bridge > Photoshop > Fireworks). It’s an article I’ll be sharing with my students as well, who are currently using Fireworks in a prototyping course I teach. While there is a huge focus on Fireworks, I like the article more because it shows how to use several products in tandem with each other. In design, you don’t operate in a vacuum; chances are very good you will use at least a couple types of software to complete a project. This is something I want my students to understand.

So if you’ve got some time, drop by Community MX and check out the new tutorial. Let me know what you think.

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