Adobe has announced it’s first ever mid-cycle release. In an effort to keep pace (and show they can keep pace) with changing technology, Adobe today unveiled a significant upgrade to Creative Suite 5.

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Sports - 1st prize image shot by Alex Ward

The images have been judged, the winning photos professionally printed thanks to Henry’s Canada, and just today, fellow photo instructor and professional photographer Joe Marranca and I framed the 12 final images.

Now all that’s left is to show off the amazing images captured by Centennial College’s School of Communications, Media and Design (SCMD) students in the 3-year, Fast Track and UTSC journalism programs. Very soon, the work will go on display in our very own Corridor Gallery here at the SCMD!

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A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about updating my Twitter home page background. I discussed the steps in general, but the more I wrote, the more I realized this topic would make a really good tutorial.

So over a few days, I rebuilt my page again and wrote the piece, which is now live on Commmunity MX.

It’s a biggie, and follows my workflow from start to finish (Bridge > Photoshop > Fireworks). It’s an article I’ll be sharing with my students as well, who are currently using Fireworks in a prototyping course I teach. While there is a huge focus on Fireworks, I like the article more because it shows how to use several products in tandem with each other. In design, you don’t operate in a vacuum; chances are very good you will use at least a couple types of software to complete a project. This is something I want my students to understand.

So if you’ve got some time, drop by Community MX and check out the new tutorial. Let me know what you think.

My new Twitter background image, created with my photos and - of course - Fireworks

New Twitter Home page image

A couple years ago I created my first Twitter home page background image using Fireworks as my design tool. The goal was to use the background image as a branding tool by supplying a mini-bio on the Twitter page, in what looked like a little content pod. The background of the background image  was one of my photos from up north, faded into the web page background color. And it was fine at the time.

Some time ago, though,  Twitter revamped its site, generally making more content available to people visiting their own home page or the page of people they are following. Which is good, I guess. But this also meant that less of the background image was visible. In fact, on my 15 inch Macbook Pro, the actual Twitter content was overlapping my old mini bio. Not good visually, or for branding. Read the rest of this entry »

Hipstamatic shot

Flowers are for the birds

I was looking at pics on my iPhone this week and realized I have shots going all the way back to 2009! The funny thing was that I never thought I used the camera feature very much. Typically I’d opt to use a “real” camera like my Nikon D200. Yet here were upwards of 320 photos, shot and/or manipulated on my iPhone 3′s camera roll.

What does this tell me? Well, mainly that my iPhone is a device of convenience for things other than making calls, texting or tweeting. Without realizing it, I have grown used to whipping out the phone to make a picture. And not necessarily some quick “grab” shot, either.  I’ll take the time to compose the scene, maybe shooting a few angles and then often I’ll take even more time to edit/improve the image using another app. So the adage, “The best camera is the one you have with you” is proving true. Read the rest of this entry »

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