Recently, the team I work on at Adobe was given a special task; to create new education-based assets to use in demonstrations, tutorials and to share with educators and other education colleagues. The main idea being to produce content that could be considered usable from a “non-designer/arts” perspective.We worked in teams. My team consisted of me and my colleague Steve Adler (also a former educator, like I am). We’ve both been amazed by the great new goal-based tutorials that can be found on AdobeforAcademics, and in particular, we were inspired by the timelapse video tutorial that can be found there. It’s a very thorough tutorial on using Premiere Pro to create a timelapse video.

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MAX 2011 and pre-MAX sessions such as the full-day Education Summit gave educators many opportunities to learn from the industry, from Adobe and from each other.

The room fills up quickly as doors open for the first keynote
The room fills up quickly as doors open for the first keynote

Having been a teacher in Higher Ed for 20+ years, it’s natural for me to look at events like MAX with an educator’s eye. This is a perspective I hope I never lose, to be honest.

While MAX is a great networking occasion for professional designers and developers, it also gives teachers a chance to some important networking as well. They have the opportunity not only to learn new tips and techniques, but to talk to the people working in the industry, learning what skills are used, and what ones may be lacking. I think this is invaluable information; gaining this knowledge can help immensely when planning new courses, or updating existing ones to be more relevant. Read the rest of this entry »

Speaker badge for D2W conference

D2W Conference

It’s coming soon. D2W will be here before you know it and you don’t want to miss out on this event if you’re an interactive professional. Reasonably priced and jam-PACKED with industry-focused presenters, I think your biggest challenge at D2W will be to keep your brain from exploding with all the information you’ll absorb. Read the rest of this entry »

Adobe has announced it’s first ever mid-cycle release. In an effort to keep pace (and show they can keep pace) with changing technology, Adobe today unveiled a significant upgrade to Creative Suite 5.

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Speaker badge for D2W conference

D2W Conference

D2W is a designer/developer mobile workflow conference, it’s goal being to improve communication and share workflow ideas between designers and application developers. Now in it’s second year, it’s definitely gaining in popularity and has attracted a great range of presenters, including yours truly.

If you book the conference before April 1, 2011, you’ll receive a $95 Early Bird discount on conference registration.That’s right, until April 1, the conference fee is only $200! After April 1, the registration fee increases to $295 (still a great deal), so you’re saving practically 30% by confirming by the end of March.

And if you’re looking for more in-depth sessions, D2W has them as well:

These hands-on sessions will run on Thursday July 14 as a pre-cursor to the conference, which begins on Friday. What a great way to whet the digital appetite!

So if you’re a digital professional and you’re hankering for a fantastic way to network and learn at the same time, reserve yourself a spot at D2W this July.

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